About Manifo

About Manifo

Manifo is a website builder through which everyone can build own internet site without programming and can do it completely free!
Manifo is an application available online – no need to install anything, you only have to log on.


How does this work?

Work in this editor is pleasant and very simple – it is all about clicking and dragging and dropping ready elements – just like playing with blocks...

In manifo you have a full control over every element of your site. You can change whatever you want and when you want.

Elements, applications

Sites are composed with elements and applications. Onto your site you can add any amount of those elements. You have at your disposal such elements as: text, photo, map, video, and many applications such as blog, articles, wiki or forum.
All elements and applications can be changed freely and can be given their own looks. In this way your site will look unique and functional.

Templates, patterns

You do not have to be a computer graphic to have a beautiful site. In manifo we add new templates, which you can use for your site. Naturally you can change in them whatever you want, you can also use the library of ready made pictures for your site.

Patterns are ready pages, thanks to which you can build our own website fast. They include, a template, ready elements and applications and – its enough to change the content according to your own needs...


To fully use the possibilities offered by the internet, we prepared numerous integrations with popular networking sites. This takes place in to ways – you can download as well as upload data on You Tube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc.




Manifo is a project run by the 2MP Company with its seat in Poland since December 2009.
The project is co-financed from the funds of European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the Innovative Economy program.